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Friday, 17 January 2020

Pulse Polio Immunisation Campaign 2020 (19th January 2020 - Sunday)

Pulse Polio Immunization Campaign - 2020
(19th January 2020 - Sunday)

If you are a parent of kid below age 5, Don't forget to immunize your child with Polio Drops by this Sunday ie. 19th January 2020. The polio immunization camp is scheduled on day after tomorrow (19th January 2020) across the nation. 

As we all know, Polio is such a deadly disease. It can be prevented if we immunize ourselves with the polio drops till the age of 5. Most of us are aware about this disease these days, but still hesitating to take the kids to the camp. Eventhough our country has proved to be a Polio-Free nation for the past few years, it is necessary to safeguard the kids by immunizing them with the polio drops. Better to be safe than sorry. It is just a matter of 15-20 minutes, do take your kid to the nearest camp and immunize them with the polio drops. 

Excerpts of the Press Release issued by the Chennai Corporation regarding the Polio Immunization are shared below:

  • Immunization booths will function from 7am to 5pm with no breaks in between on 19th January 2020 (Sunday)

  • All children in the age group of 0-5 years should be given drops of Polio vaccine

  • Children immunized recently under Routine Immunization Schedule should also to be given Polio drops on the campaign days

  • Children of Migrant laborers are also given polio drops on the campaign day ie. on 19th January 2020.

As mentioned earlier, it is just a matter of about 15-20 minutes, and since the camp venues has been large in numbers, there won't be much crowd. So don't hesitate to take your kid to the nearest booth. 

Also requesting the readers who belong to any FLAT ASSOCIATION or any other ASSOCIATIONS to take a printout of this post or some other related post / newspaper article and paste it in the notice board so that the tenants will be aware of this camp. 

Do share this with your near & dears. Join hands in making the healthy tomorrow.

In a Nut-Shell : 

Date of Immunization Camp
19th January 2020 (Sunday) - 7 am to 5 pm

Age Group to be covered 

0-5 Years

Camps being held at

Nearest Corporation schools / Government Hospitals / Public Health Centers / Anganwadi Centers / Bus Stands / Airport / Railway Stations / Marina Beach / Island Grounds Trade Fair etc

Don’t forget the date. The camp will be on 19th January 2020. Share it widely to reach out to as many people.

Monday, 1 October 2018

RAIL MADAD - A one stop App for complaints and grievances in Indian Railways

A one stop App for complaints and grievances in Indian Railways

The train journey – Often preferred by most of the people still hesitated by few due to the issues and problems which they may face during their journey. Not everyone has the guts to become AMBI of Anniyan Film to complain in person. But we cannot rule out the Ambis who are within us especially when we come across the stinky toilets and the unhygienic compartments in train. We may not have the power and courage of Anniyan when we see the ladies being harassed in front of us.

But all that we have known is to pull the chain to stop the train. And this has helped many a passengers over the period. Pulling the chain and shouting at the TTE is the Ambi's way of doing the things. As the Ambi has transformed to Anniyan to find a solution for problems he face, the physical mode of complaint system has transformed in to the digital mode. And on a lighter note, don’t ask me about the role of “Remo” as this is an out of syllabus topic :D

The Indian railways – Largest rail network in Asia and second largest in the world under single management (Source: ), has been taking constant initiatives to ensure the safe travel of the passengers. Right from the oldest form of Chain, then to complaint note / book / register – The complaint and safety mechanism has seen a tremendous change over the period of time.

We are in the period where people expect everything to be done in digital mode especially via app. Indian railways in my view, always adaptable to the advancements. In its recent updation, the Indian Railways has launched a mobile app by the name “RAIL MADAD” . This mobile app aims to be the one stop solution for all the passenger grievances during their train journey. 

I will share the details of the app in the upcoming sections as a step-wise procedure for easy understanding.

Download and install the RAIL MADAD app from the Google play store through the below link:

I am not sure about the availability of this app for iPhone users , I will update it once I get an update on this. Install the app and register your profile.

Open the app and  choose the desired option from the home screen. The options are as follows:

i)                Register my complaint for train :
Choose this option if you want to complain about the services in / about the train

ii)              Register my complaint for station:Choose this option if you want to complain about the railway station.

iii)           Helpline numbers: Choose this option if you want to view the helpline numbers to lodge complaint over phone. 

Step -3: Registering Complaint:   
Select the nature of complaint in the home screen as “Register my complaint for train”(or) “Register my complaint for station”

We need to type the PNR number / Train number / platform ticket number for which the complaint to be lodged. 

For complaints about train, we can lodge complaint under below mentioned 15 categories: 

1) Pest and Rodent Complaint

2) Allotment of seats-berths by train staff

3) Bedroll Complaints

4) Bribery and corruption

5) Catering and Vending Services

6) Complaint against the staff

7) Maintenance/Cleanliness of coaches

8) Malfunctioning of Electrical Equipment and A.C.

9) Non-availability of Water

10) Problem of touts/Middle man

11) Punctuality of Train

12) Thefts / Pilferages

13) Unauthorized passengers in coaches

14) Complaints related to Sleeper Class

15) Complaint against Train or Railway Protection.

For complaints about station, we can lodge complaint under below mentioned 20 categories: 

1) Bribery and corruption

2) Cleanliness at Station

3) Complaint against the staff

4) Long queue at Booking office

5) Malfunctioning of Electrical Equipment and A.C.

6) Misc. Cause

7) Non-availability of Water

8) Parcels/Luggage

9) Passenger Booking

10) Problems of Touts / Middlemen

11) Refund of Tickets

12) Reservation issues

13) Retiring Room

14) Signal & Telecommunication

15) Theft / Pilferages

16) Traffic Jam at Station circulating area

17) Water logging at station

18) Working of enquiry offices

19) Water Booths

20) Complaint against railway protection force (RPF) station

After choosing the category, the sub-category has to be chosen. Incident date, details, name and contact number has to be filled. Once all the details are filled, we can add a picture (optional) and submit the same.

Step - 5: 
Once the complaint is submitted, unique complaint ID will be generated and the complaint will be transferred to the concerned official immediately for instant action. The updates regarding the complaints will be communicated via SMS.  

The Indian Railways has integrated the complaints received in all the modes with this single app based complaint system. Means, the other modes of complaint (Which is explained in the next part of this post)  are still accepted alongside this app based complaint redressal system.

Other modes of Complaints:

1)    Telephonic Complaints:

We can dial the below numbers based on the nature of complaints and lodge the complaint over phone.

Railway Helpline Numbers:

i) Medical Helpline:138

ii) PNR: 139

iii) RPF Helpline: 182

iv) Child Helpline: 1098

v) Train Accident Helpline: 1072

vi) Women's Helpline: 1091

vii) Vigilance HelpIine: 155210

viii) Clean My Coach: 58888

ix) Catering Complaint: 1800111321

2)    Complaints through Twitter:

Indian Railways is having different Twitter handles for different zones. Each such Twitter handle is very much active and responsive to our queries / complaints. 

There may be instances of delayed response / no-response. Still, in my personal experience, they are responding instantly. Raising a Complaint / query is as simple as posting a WhatsApp / FB status. 

All we have to do is to post the query / Complaint in Twitter by tagging the Twitter ID / Handles of Indian Railways.  The list of Twitter Handles are shared below:

List of TWITTER IDs / HANDLES of Indian Railways (For Chennai)

Common ID / Handle for all issues: @RailwaySeva

-----> General & service related issues <-----

  • GM of Southern Railways: @GMSRailway
  • For Service Deficiencies (Chennai Helpline): @MAS_138
  • Divisional Railway Manager, Chennai: @Drmchennai
  • Divisional Railway Manager, Salem : @SalemDRM
  • Divisional Railway Manager, Madurai : @drmmadurai
  • Divisional Railway Manager, Trichy : @Drmtpj
  • Senior Divisional Mechanical Engineer, Chennai: @srdme_mas

-----> Emergency Security Relayed Issues (RPF) <-----

  • RPF Southern Railway: @rpfsrly
  • RPF Chennai: @rpfsrmas
  • RPF Tambaram: @rpftambaram
  • RPF salem: @rpfsrsa
  • RPF Katpadi: @rpfkatpadi
  • RPF Jolarpettai: @rpfjolarpettai
  • RPF Madurai: @rpfsrmdu

This RailMadad app seems to be the easier mode when compared with the other two modes and it was clarified by the railways that all the modes of complaining will be effective and gradually, it will be shifted to the only mode of Complaint ie. Through this App.

Conclusion: This is a wonderful initiative, aims at ensuring the safety of the train passengers in just a click of the app! Do share it with your friends and relatives and lets make every smart phone users use this app during their train journey.