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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Chennai MTC Bus fares & Bus Pass Tariffs - As at June 2013

:: Chennai MTC Bus fares & Bus Pass Tariffs - As at June 2013 ::

If Statistics are to be believed, it is said that almost 70% of the people in Chennai travels by the MTC Bus and it carries 50 Lakhs passengers per day. Many a times, we have boarded the bus without knowing the actual fare. And sometimes we are puzzled at the rate being charged. Many of us don't know what is the bus fare and how it is being calculated. I just collected few details regarding bus fares and concessional bus passes, which I am posting here. These informations were not the official one. So it might differ, but I cross checked the rates with the places I travelled, It was correct. 

Basically, the bus fare is calculated on the basis of the following things : 

  • Area (Destination) &
  • Type of Bus (Ordinary , Express , Deluxe or Volvo)
Basic tariffs for the ordinary Buses :

Stage Fare Stage Fare

1 3.00 16 9.00
2 4.00 17 9.00
3 5.00 18 10.00
Ordinary White board bus. Source:
4 5.00 19 10.00
5 6.00 20 10.00
6 6.00 21 11.00
7 6.00 22 11.00
8 7.00 23 12.00
9 7.00 24 12.00
10 8.00 25 13.00
11 8.00 26 13.00
12 8.00 27 14.00
13 9.00 28 14.00
14 9.00
15 9.00

* A Stage is approximately 2 Kilometers.

Basic tariffs for the Express Buses :
Express Bus.

The Express buses were charged on the following basis :  

(Ordinary Bus Fare * 1.5 ) + 0.50 paisa

Ie. (1.5 times of the ordinary fare) + 0.50 paisa

Basic tariffs for the Deluxe Buses :

Deluxe Bus . Source:
The deluxe buses were charged on the following basis : 

(Ordinary Bus Fare * 2 ) + Re.1

Ie. (Double of the amount of  ordinary fare) + Re.1

Basic tariffs for the Volvo (A/C) Buses :

Volvo A/C Bus.
Stage Fare      Stage       Fare
1 15.00 16 50.00
2 25.00 17 50.00
3 30.00 18 55.00
4 30.00 19 55.00
5 35.00 20 55.00
6 35.00 21 60.00
7 35.00 22 60.00
8 40.00 23 65.00
9 40.00 24 65.00
10 45.00 25 70.00
11 45.00 26 70.00
12 45.00 27 75.00
13 50.00 28 75.00
14 50.00
15 50.00

* A Stage is approximately 2 Kilometers.

Example :

I usually travel from  Triplicane to Alwarpet and the travel distance is 6 Kilometers. A stage is approximately 2 Kilometers, hence 6 KMs falls in Stage 3. Here is price they charge :
Ordinary Bus : Rs.5 (Check out the ordinary fares above for stage 3)

Express : Rs.8  [ (Rs.5  * 1.5) + Re.0.50 ]

Deluxe : Rs.11 [ (Rs.5 * 2) + Rs.1 ]

You can calculate the distance between the two areas at the bottom of my earlier post by clicking here. 

Concessional Fares & Bus Passes :

For School Students & Government Colleges - Free Pass :

Souce: New Indian Express
  • Students studying from 1st Std to 12th Std in the Schools recognized by Government and students studying in the Government Colleges and Government Polytechnics are eligible to avail this free bus pass facility by paying Rs.15 to the school towards application form.
  • Passes issued to travel from residence to school and back.
  • Allowed to travel on all days in the month.
  • Permitted to travel in all Ordinary,Express and Deluxe services
  • The validity period is from 15th June to 30th April
For Other College Students - Students Concession Tickets (SCT) :

Stages Ticket value
1 70.00
2 90.00
3 110.00
4 110.00
5 130.00
6 & above 130.00

  • Students studying above 12th standard in Govt. recognized institutions excluding students studying in Government colleges and Government polytechnics are eligible to avail the concession and permitted to travel from their residence to college/library back on all days in a month.
  • Permitted to travel in all Ordinary,Express and deluxe services only. 
  • 60 Exchange Tokens per month @ Rs.3.50/- per token. But in practice, only 20 tokens per student is being issued.
  • The passes can be renewed from 1st to 15th of every month. But in practise, each student will be alloted a particular date and he should renew it before that specified date at the specified counter.
  • Timings for renewal : 08.30 Hours to 11.00 Hours &15.00 Hours to 19.30 Hours

For other Commuters - Regular monthly passes & Travel as you please passes :

Monthly Commuter Season Tickets (MST) :

Stage Fare  Stage Fare

1 NA         13 450.00
2 NA         14 450.00
3 240.00 15 450.00
4 240.00 16 450.00
5 280.00 17 450.00
6 310.00 18 480.00
7 310.00 19 480.00
8 340.00 20 480.00
9 340.00 21 510.00
10 380.00 22 510.00
11 380.00 23 510.00
12 410.00

* A Stage is approximately 2 Kilometers

  • M.S.T. Holders are permitted to travel in all Ordinary and Express services and difference fare of Rs.7/= is collected when they desire to travel in Deluxe Services
  • Monthly Season Ticket cards are issued from 1st to 20th of every month during 08.30 Hours to 11.00 Hours &15.00 Hours to 19.30 Hours
Travel As You Please Tickets (Daily / Weekly / Monthly) :

Type Ticket value

Daily Travel Ticket         50.00
Weekly Travel Ticket 300.00
Monthly Travel Ticket 1,000.00

Daily Ticket Rs.50 :
Rs.50 Ticket.
Source: Binai Shakar's Photo in Picassa
  • Allowed to travel in Ordinary/EXP/Deluxe services except Volvo/Night services/Lift services/Chartered trips
  • Valid for the date of issue only 
  • Valid only if signed by the purchaser
  • Ticket is available with the conductor 
Weekly Ticket Rs.300 :
  • Allowed to travel in Ordinary/EXP/Deluxe/Night services except Volvo/Lift services and Chartered trips.
  • Valid for the period mentioned in the card
  • Valid only if signed by the purchaser
  • No duplicate card is issued
  • To travel with the identity card issued by the MTC
  • Issued on a
    ll Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays during 08.30 Hours to 11.00 Hours &15.00 Hours to 19.30 Hours
Monthly Ticket Rs.1,000 :
  • Allowed to travel in Ordinary/EXP/Deluxe/Night services except Volvo/Lift services and Chartered trips
  • Valid for the period mentioned in the card
  • Valid only if signed by the purchaser
  • No duplicate card is issued
  • To travel with the identity card issued by the MTC
  • Issued from from 1st to 20th of every month during 08.30 Hours to 11.00 Hours &15.00 Hours to 19.30 Hours
Free Travel Concession for Physically Handicapped and Mentally Retarded :
  • To be recommended by District Rehabilitation Officer
  • Disability should be more than 40%.
  • Annual income should be less than Rs.12000/-.
  • Passes issued by MTC
  • Allowed to travel Point-to-Point [i.e.] from residence to hospital / Educational Institutions / Work place within a max. distance of 30 Km
  • One attendant is allowed to travel with mentally retarded person
  • To travel with the identity card issued by Rehabilitation department

Concession for Blinds
(Free Travel Concessions to Blinds for taking treatement) :
  • To be recommended by District rehabilitation Officer
  • No restriction on income, travel distance and number of trips per month
  • Passes issued by MTC
  • To travel with the identity card issued by Rehabilitation department

References :,,,

To know about the Call taxi tariffs in Chennai, Click Here.
To know about the Namma Auto Tariffs in Chennai, Click Here.


  1. Good post. The fairs at present are too high than before. There have been a talk about special buses for differently able. But we can't see it in practice often. Hope the concerned people have a look into it.

  2. Useful post :) A pool of Information I would say.

  3. Thanks Sushmitha & Hari..... Yeah sushmitha, rates are higher than before .. But when compared to other places , it is still a cheaper one :) And yeah me too waiting for that special bus. If it comes, then it would be the best move.

    1. In AP /TS the day tickets are Rs. 80/- Rs. 50/- is much less...

  4. Is there any pass or season available for AC buses. I m commuting from CMBT to Navalur.

  5. To the best of my knowledge, there is no passes of Volvo AC buses as at today.

  6. We can Check for all fares and information in detail about Chennai MTC in the below PDF.

  7. @Bhavana Thanks for the link. But that link contains the rates before the revision took place recently. I mean, it contains the only the old fares.

  8. Procedures for getting the tickets:

    Commuters who like to get the Travel As you Please Ticket Card (weekly / Monthly) shall obtain an Identity Card at MTC's Sales Counters by paying Rs.5/-. The Travel As you Please Ticket Card will be issued on production of this Identity Card only.

    Issuing points: [Sales Counters available at]

    1. Adyar
    2. K.K.Nagar
    3. Saidapet
    4. Guindy
    5. Velachery
    6. Mandaveli
    7. Tambaram (East)
    8. Tambaram (West)
    9. Pallavaram
    10. T.Nagar
    11. Thiruvanmiyur
    12. Iyyappanthangal
    13. Vadapalani
    14. High Court
    15. Broadway
    16. Ambathur Industrial
    17. Anna Nagar (West)
    18. Avadi
    19. Ayanavaram
    20. Perambur
    21. C.M.B.T.
    22. V.Nagar
    23. Redhiills
    24. M.K.B.Nagar
    25. Villivakkam
    26. Tondiarpet
    27. Thiruvotriyur
    28. Poonamallee
    29. Ambathur OT.
    Working Hours:
    08.30 Hours to 11.00 Hours
    15.00 Hours to 19.30 Hours
    Period of issue:

    WEEKLY TICKETS : All Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays
    MONTHLY TICKETS : From 1st to 20th of every month.

    1. Weather tis is issued tmrw (14aug2017) or it is clsd due to krishnajayanthi

    2. Weather tis is issued tmrw (14aug2017) or it is clsd due to krishnajayanthi

  9. Thank you so much for the update MOhan sir..

  10. I would like to know the procedure to change the address of my student bus pass as i changed my residence to another place.

  11. is there any passes available for the a/c volva buses
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  12. Sir can I know how to get to this address at seventh adventist matriculation school no. 5 zacharia colony kodambakkam chennai-94 how to get in this address through bus channel???

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  20. Thank you for such a helpful post.

  21. I lost my college student concession fare bus pass yesterday.What is the procedure to get the pass?

  22. I lost my college student concession fare bus pass yesterday.What is the procedure to get the pass?

  23. Revathy: Go and contact the depot where you are renewing the pass.. they will issue the duplicate after producing the college ID card. if they are not issuing, get a certificate from your college officials and submit it to them.

  24. please can anyone tell me the amount the monthly pass between ramapuram(DLF) and SIET.
    thanks in advance

  25. please can anyone tell me the amount the monthly bus pass between NANDANAM to MADHIYA KAILASH..
    thanks in advance

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. please can anyone tell me the amount the monthly Volvo A/C bus pass between Ekkattuthangal(Guindy) to Navallur IT Park.

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  50. I travel from MMDA Signal(Next stop to koyembedu) to Adayar Depot.
    The ticket cost is Rs 9, but the conductor gives ticket upto thiruvanmiyur and charges Rs 11(Bus No:T70).
    what do I do? Anybody?

  51. Shri Kant bro, tickets will be issued stage wise. If you are sure that the conductor charging in excess, you can very well complain with the bus number, route number and time by calling 044-23455858, 9445030516 and 9383337639

  52. Can I get a one day pass at Kalpakkam? If so please provide the details.

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  63. im frm a private college... my usual travel is frm adyar depot to mandhaveli can i get bus pass and wht is the procedure... please explain

  64. Hi Sathveeka,

    You can check with your college administration with regard to students concession ticket. They will help you out.

    If they aren't, you can straight away approach the Adyar depot ticket counter, they will help you out with the usual monthly pass.

    If you need further assistance feel free to mail me :

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