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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Deepak to Namma Area Deepak – My journey of Blogging #ChennaiBloggers

As you read the title right, this post is about my blogging journey. The blogging and The Chennai Bloggers Club has a huge impact in the positive transformation in me. Read on to know about my journey.

2012 – The Baby Step into Blogging…

“What’s on your mind”- the reply to this question supposed to be the starting point of my writing. Since the question being asked, I used to post whatever comes to my mind in my facebook wall. As such, I was posting about the success stories of the entrepreneurs as my facebook wall post and that’s when my friend “HarunRaaj” has suggested me about blogging. 

I have zero knowledge about what is blog and blogging by that time. I am little hesitant in the beginning. He messaged me on 11th of July’12 and I created my blog “Get Inspired” on 14th July 2012. I don’t have any blogger friends in my circle by that time. I just loved learning the each and every option in blog with much enthusiasm. I was so ignorant about blog that, my initial posts will have the dates being typed as a part of the post without knowing that the date will be automatically updated in the blog post. 

14th July 2012 supposed to be the first step in my blogging journey. I am grateful to my friend, without him, I may not be a blogger :)

The message which made me a blogger. (Excuse my typo on "Update")

2013 – My best year of Blogging – Became a member of CBC…

Then comes the best year of my blogging – 2013. That supposed be the year where I am very much active in blogging. Active, not just because I loved writing posts, but also because, that’s the year when I joined this facebook group - “The ChennaiBloggers Club”, which is not just another facebook group. Once I started blogging, I started searching for groups to promote my blog post (Shameless confession, but yeah, that’s the fact) and landed in this “The Chennai Bloggers Club” aka CBC on 3rd March 2013. 

As I mentioned earlier, this is not just another group. The group and its members have encouraged me to write more. As on the date when I joined this group (3rd March 2013), I have written some 10 odd posts in my blog, but within a year after I joined this group, I have written my 100th post. This tells the motivation which I am receiving from this group. More than anything, this group has made me know that how much I love namma Chennai. The constant interactions and discussions in group made me create a dedicated blog to share information about Namma Chennai. 

It was on 20th March 2013, I have created my new blog “Namma Area”. Until I create this blog, I didn’t know that I have this much interest in sharing the information about Namma Chennai. Initially started sharing about the areas / locations in Chennai, then moved on to write about EB additional deposit calculation, Aavin milk monthly card tariffs, how to apply for aadhar card etc., Especially the post on EB additional deposit, I am still receiving mails from the tenants / landlords seeking clarifications. I am not sharing this for my self-praising, but to share how proud I am because of blogging.

The Chennai Bloggers Club - The group which identified the blogger in me.

2014 – The year of recognitions: Deepak is now Namma Area Deepak 

There came a surprise for me! It was on someday in July 2014, I have received a call from a reporter from Deccan Chronicle. He enquired me about the details on EB additional deposit and how I got to know about those calculations. Then he introduced himself as a reporter from Deccan Chronicle and asked about my blogs and all. Then only he told that he is going to write an article about me in Deccan Chronicle, it may get published but he was not 100% sure. 

The real surprise came on 10th August 2014 where I casually read newspaper and saw an article about me. Since the reporter told that he was not 100% sure, I took it lightly but since the day I got the call, my dad started buying Deccan Chronicle every day. That surprise on seeing the article on 10th August 2014 supposed to be the best moment in my life till date. I was like a celebrity that day as almost everyone called and wished me. That made people address me as “Namma Area Deepak” :) The article can be viewed by clicking here 

And the luck ringed the bell for second time on 21st September 2014 where I was featured in Tamil Article in “Dinamani”. Since then, I am more active in “Namma Area” blog . 2015 & 2016, I am not that active in blogging as before but still managing to write few posts on and off and glad to know that the posts are being helpful. I keep receiving the enquiries through mail and happy to help them out with whatever I can.

Article about me in Deccan Chronicle

Article in Dinamani

So that’s how my blog journey has been so far.  I am sure a lot of surprises ahead for me, and for that I need to blog often. Thanks for your patience in reading such a long post, it may look like a self-publicity post but I love to talk about my blogging journey which I never had an opportunity to talk about. I am very much indebted to my friend “Harun Raaj” and “The Chennai Bloggers Club” for finding out the blogger in me and made me a blogger.

I must thank #Sweek and #ChennaiBloggersClub for choosing this wonderful topic to write upon.