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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Greams Road & Eldams Road (Name Reason)


Name reasons behind the famous roads / streets in Chennai 

:: GREAMS ROAD - Nungambakkam & ELDAMS ROAD  - Alwarpet ::

Mr Henry Sulivan Graeme and Mr Richard Yeldham

These two gentlemen lived in East India Company-ruled Madras around the same time.

Graeme, a civil servant, was a memberof the Madras council (a highly powerful position at the time) for five years from 1823. During his stay in Madras, he owned a bungalow in Nungambakkam, and the road connecting his bungalow to Mount Road was subsequently named as Graeme’s Road.

Yeldham, on the other hand, was a merchant of the Company who went on to become the mayor of Madras in 1801 (he happened to be the last mayor appointed during the Company rule). By the time he died, in 1820, at the age of 68, Yeldham hadbuilt a palatial house in Teynampet, and the road leading from his house to Mount Road was subsequently named as Yeldham’s Road.

Today, Graeme’s Road has been rechristened as Greams Road and Yeldham’s Road is Eldams Road.

Source : The Hindu


  1. Is there anywhere we could find what's now in place instead of those two Bungalows in Graeme's & Yeldham's road?

  2. No idea Ram sir. Will ask my friends and let you know :)

  3. Thanks Sushmitha, Deepa and Kaushik :)

  4. Good info. What's the source?

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