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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Bird's Eye View & Archaeological View - A Visit to Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary & Gingee fort

17th June 2012 :: 

Another wonderful day of family outing. This time we headed to Vedanthangal Bird's Sanctuary and Gingee Fort !! 

Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary :

Went to Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary first , Even though the season for birds s during Nov-March, we just gone there for picnic. But it was really awesome . 

Quite amazed to see all the birds together there !!! Nice atmosphere and also we need to appreciate the efforts by the maintenance staffs. 

We can never see any such parks/public place as clean as this one. Hats off to them. Had a cool breeze there, nice climate amidst hot summer !!!   

Sharing few snaps taken @ Vedanthangal :

History of Vedanthangal Sanctuary

At the Entrance

Flying High

Nature at its best

Beauty of Nature - Uncomparable

Double Dribble. Finally captured this one after missing few shots.... Nice to see

Flying High !!!!

A beautiful farmland on the rear side of the sanctuary 

Birds resting area

Scenic Beauty

Monkeys' Paradise

Eventhough its off season, we enjoyed our time.. still a lot of birds ! Cool Breeze in this hot summer !!! 

Birds taking rest !! Their sounds also pleasant to hear !!! 

Beautiful tree in front of the Vednthangal entrance

Gingee (Senjee) Fort :

Then we went to Gingee fort in afternoon. Unfortunately since the time crossed 3pm when we reach Gingee, we were not allowed to go to the top of the fort. But there were so many forts, prisons, and ancient places within fort itself. 

The Archaeology at those days were really awesome !! Again hats off to the Maintenance staffs for making this place clean !!

Its a must see place in chennai.. It will take atleast a day to cover the whole of Gingee Fort including the nearby temples. 

I felt like, Its a Mixture of Mamallapuran & Thanjore temples !!! Really enjoyed to the core, but we were short of time and missed many things there :( Worth to be chosen for one day picnic spot.

Few Snaps Taken @ Gingee Fort :

The Beautiful Entrance of the Gingee Fort

Full view of the Fotr

Just for fun - We conquered the  fort Lol :)

Beautiful view of the mountain

Beautifully constructed Kalyaana Mahal

Pond inside the Gingee Fort

Queen's Bath Place - Hats off to their construction

The best place !!! None of us know that there is a steps !! Even none of the other visitors.. Thanx to my dad who found this place... It was dead dark and reminds me of climax of films !!!!!

The above stairs lead us to this wonderful place !! 

Entrance to the STORE ROOM of ancient period

Nearby Temple..


  1. Really good pics!
    Thanks for sharing

    Keep smiling,

  2. nice pics.. i am always amazed by the sengee fort! :)

  3. Thanks Sahithya. Yeah , the way it is being constructed and the surroundings.. Awesome. It will take atleast 8 hours to visit all the temples and forts in Senjee..

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