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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Water Please !!! - A Request to the Business Units & Households

Water Please !!!
A Request to keep water in front of the houses / shops to beat the summer thirst

The summer has already started and the Chennai is surrounded with the heat waves everywhere. A lot of tips have been shared to for a healthy and safe summer and to beat the heat. On a lighter note, it has been said that Chennai will have only three seasons - Hot, Hotter and Hottest and we are in the third phase. With the failure of monsoon rains, this summer is going to be troublesome. 

Diseases & Infections:

The months of April & May will always trouble the people esp those who are in Chennai. Along with the heat waves, it also brings some diseases and infections like 

  • Dehydration
  • Hypertension
  • Urinary Infections (Especially among women)
  • Chicken Pox
  • Dengue etc., 
But it should be noted that the summer sees lesser number of diseases and infections when comparing to the winter season, as said by Dr.Narasimhan for TOI. So no need to be panic on these diseases. 

Drink More Water:

One thing is common that, the lesser intake of water and fluid items were the major reason for those above mentioned diseases and infections.  So it is essential that we should drink more water during this summer , especially when you are going out under the sun. 

My Small Request to the Business Units & Households:

I want to putforth my suggestion here. I have a request for the food joints / restaurants / business units.  Since the summer has started, the water seems to be most essential thing for every one. Why don't we keep a can of water at the entrance of our restaurant/Mess/Food joints / Business units which will help the needy - The marketing people, The delivery boys, passerby people.  

Also, selling butter milk at the entrance will do good. I agree we do sell the butter milk inside our restaurant, but many people would buy only if they find it in the entrance instead of getting into the restaurant / mess, I believe. Also requesting the Households and Flat Associations to keep cans of water at the entrance of their house / flats. 

Why don't we adapt PYAU system as found in Rajasthan:

I came to know from Mr.Kishalya Sharma of Rajasthan that, in Rajasthan, they have a concept of "Pyau" - ie. Stalls of water which is organized by a charitable trust, local community or even by individuals in front of their homes at most of the places. It is free for the public and in some cases people with their goodwill do donate some money to it like a rupee etc.  This sounds really good and it is easy to be adapted to our city as well. The flat associations can take this route and I am sure the residents won't object if they asked to pay for this thing, which is a one time payment which can help many other people.


It is easier said than being done. I am just sharing my suggestion which might hold good for this summer, but I don't know about the practical difficulties in implementing the same. Just a suggestion, feel free to comment with your views on the same. 

Serve Water, Save Life! 

Be the Change & See the Change.

Meet you all in my next post.

With Cheers,
Deepak Raghuraman


  1. Agree with keeping water cans / buttermilk whatever is possible for passers by!

  2. Good read Deepak :) Informative post. Especially about that PYAU system. It would be beneficiary for all if it was implemented in our city as well :)

  3. Thanks Jenz & Sushmitha.. Yeah it would be better if we can adapt this system here in Chennai.