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Friday, 15 August 2014

One Aspect I Want to Change in Chennai

One Aspect I Want to Change in Chennai

This is yet another CBC inspired post. CBC is the acronym of The Chennai Bloggers Club.CBC is the most happening group of Chennai Bloggers. For me personally, this is the group which showed me the right path and turned me as a blogger. In CBC we blog, we discuss, we motivate and last but not least, we initiate the social causes both online & off-line. And this post "One Aspect I Want to Change in Chennai" is a part of the exercise where we, the Chennai Bloggers, writes about a change which we want to bring in Chennai. This is to commemorate the Madras Day on 22nd August. Madras turns 375 this year and I am proud to be a part of MADRAS. 

This is a tablog where we write about the common subject (Here the common subject is, One Aspect I Want to Change in Chennai) and tag each other posts as a chain-blog. The Baton has been passed to me by Ravi who has a good sense of humour and his posts are always thought provoking. He is good at photography and writes more about the films. He wants the messes/Restaurants in the city to be kept open beyond 11 pm. Have a look at his post here :

Thanks to Kashik Govindaswamy for designing this wonderful logo.

And here comes the Change I want to bring in Chennai.


There are so many roads / streets in Chennai which has the pavement just for the name sake. The main purpose of the pavement is to provide a pathway for the pedestrians to walk freely from the traffic on roads. But the purpose itself is defeated these days. Almost many of the platforms in the city were in unusable condition. 

As a pedestrian, we are instructed to be safe while walking on roads by not using mobile phones and not looking at the hoardings / advertisements put on road. I agree that we should be careful and we should follow these. But when the platform is not at all usable, we have no other go. There are so many things which makes the platforms unusable few of them are : 

* Unauthorized usage of platforms for shops, (Take for example, The platforms in Pycrofts Road, Triplicane were fully occupied by the shops.
* Road Dwellers)
* On many places, the size of the platform / pavements has been so narrow that we can't even walk. (One such example is the platform near LIFESTYLE / KAUVERY HOSPITAL in Alwarpet)
* Breakage in the pavements 
* Unauthorized Parking etc,.

It becomes too worse during the rainy season. When a normal people ourself is feeling trouble with this pavements, think of the physically challenged people. Something needs to be done on priority to ensure safe walk in the city. 

Apart from the above I would also like to have the Garbage Bin at the end of each street. Right now, we should wait for the Garbage collecting vehicle to come. If we miss that vehicle, then thats it. We are forced to dump these debris at our house. 

Thanks for reading and I am very much happy and proud to pass the baton to Shashi sir aka Virtual Citizen who blogs at . He is a versatile blogger and writes about all the genre. He is best in writing poems esp Haiku.. When I can only talk about the change, he is one who initiate and brings in the necessary change. Eagerly looking forward to his post. 

Be the Change & See the Change.

Meet you all in my next post.

With Cheers,
Deepak Raghuraman


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  2. A very important aspect in Chennai that should change/be implemented. Clean and usable pedestrian footpaths are very much required along roads. Not just children or senior citizens, it is a necessity for any pedestrian.

  3. I think they are implementing pathways. In our area, it's on the top of rain water storm and even in smaller roads, they are trying to put it. The issue is, on main roads, people drive on pathways and misuse it. And on smaller roads, there are so many breaks in between that one cannot walk continuously in them. I think they are trying their best, and let's hope they'll be able to cover the city with pathways as much as possible.

    Destination Infinity

  4. Dear Sir, I feel very proud that u r giving fruitful information. being a senior citizen kindly accept my aseervathams. In our Madipakkam Iyyappan nagar area there is a lakke which is 1 K.M lenth. Recently this area has been added in chennai corparation and immediatly a pathway was done by the corpration. As apedestrian and senior citizon 71 years old eventhough the path way is good because somme local politiks and non awarnes the people in this near by areas are sennding thei buufflow and doing walking their pet animal dogs the area is spoiling even though probagando and awarness they r still making the road and walking path .Can u sugest idea 4 making tyhis Madippakkam a clean nagar as my full effort was failed. I Am A Junior Engineer 1st gradd retired from TNFB When I was working in subststions 110 substation and 230 kv substatons in Tiruvarur Unless otherwise people know their responsibilities. I am venting out my feeligs to u. . yours R. Logasubramanian.