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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Facebook ah? Be Careful da... #FacebookMemories

Those who know me surely knows how well I am obsessed with the Facebook! For me, personally this is one medium which taught so many things. I was an introvert and the facebook transformed me to a greater extent and in fact, if I have to tell one thing which made me a blogger, it should be the facebook. 

Ok, let me tell you something. This is not my usual serious post. We as a student, might have studied about BC & AD (Ki Mu & Ki Pi in tamil). This digital era have changed a person's life as Facebook'ku mun, Facebook'ku pin (Before FB & After FB). As such, I am going to share about how I was before I join facebook. 

Would you believe if I tell, I don't have a facebook account during my college days? I completed my degree in 2008 and created a facebook profile only in 2009. I am actually reluctant to facebook till I join. My brother is always ahead of me in whatever I do. He is the one whom I follow. He was the first to join facebook. When he was telling that he has joined facebook, can you guess what would be my first response? "Hey, Paathu. Be careful da. Facebook la account vachirundhavangala laam arrest pannuraangalaam" (Translated to "Be careful - If we have facebook account, we may get arrested"). It was due to my ignorance and the rumours spreading those days about facebook, made me give such an epic reply to my brother. But as always, my brother has patiently explained about what is facebook and how does it work and all. Still I was reluctant and joined facebook little later, in January of 2009. 

As every other new user of facebook profile, I started marking attendance in FB, Giving self-like for my posts, A post after returning to facebook even from a week's break, Posting pictures with funny (Which I feel as funny) captions... Thus started my journey into facebook. 

It is a great journey so far, I got connected with some good people. Got some real good friends and well-wishers. As the years pass-by, it is obvious that our friends will get married. It is always a difficult situation to attend the marriage of those facebook friends for whom we don't have any mutual friends :) We don't know anyone except the bride / groom. The way their relatives look at us, makes us feel as if "Ayyo kalyaana mandapam maari vandhuttom oh" (Have we come to a different marriage?). Till we give away the gift and take the group snap, we kept searching for someone by thinking that someone we know might join us, but it won't happen :) And when he/she introduce us to their parents that we are facebook friends - Their epic response - Chancey illa. Do I need to tell the response? Just attend a marriage and find on your own :)

These are just a few incidents which are on the lighter side of being in facebook. On the flip side, facebook has given me the much needed transformation and if I start writing about the positive impact it has created on me, it will be as lengthy as our Economics answer sheet. Will share that post soon. 

Thanks to Author Kaarthika & namma Chennai Bloggers Club for running this #Tagged contest. Tagged is the book written by the Debut Author Kaarthika, the story of which revolves around our very own facebook. If you want to pre-order the book, click here.


  1. achacho ! only this much ? I am searching for idioms and phrases all over the post... pongappaa.. enge maraichu vachirukkeenga ? haha.. nice writeup. FB is another ocean hvg sharks, crocodiles, pearls and coral. thedungal.. kidaikkum.

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  3. Ha ha.. Quite a funny post. I could very well relate to everything you had said as I ve also done similar post updates and have experienced such things in the past :)