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Monday, 27 May 2013

Namma Auto - No bargains for auto fare finally....

:: NAMMA AUTO -  No bargains for auto fare finally.... ::

I am not sure how many of us remember when did we pay for the autos based on the rate generated by meter ? Is the meter functioning in autos ? Why is it not being used ?? I know, it is easier to ask questions than answering it. But at last, we got some answers to it. 

The agitations against unfair auto fares started from the petition made by one Mr.Prahalathan Karunakaran via The online petition has got more supporters and at last, the petition has landed the transport corporation and minister's office. They have assured of the rationalisation of the auto fares. But I am unaware of the developments of this petition after this and to my knowledge , nothing has been decided on these lines. 
Missing Meter Campaign by 

There after TOI has taken it up by their campaign titled "MISSING METER".  It has got good response from the readers and other activists and the matter has gone to court and they have urged the government to look after this issue.

Finally, we have got some good news by the name of NAMMA AUTO. Autos with the automated meters with the predetermined rates, GPS system, Panic button to support the safety of the passenger etc.,

 'Namma Auto', is a company started by two friends M.Abdullah & Mansoor Ali Khan, promises commuters a fair deal to get around the city.

Namma Auto, whose vehicles will use tamper-proof electronic meters, will charge 

  • Rs.25 as the minimum fare for distances up to 2km and 
  • Rs.10 for every additional kilometre after that

"The autorickshaw unions want the government to fix the minimum fare at Rs.30 for the first 2km and Rs.15 per km after that. But we felt it was too high," Abdullah said.

All Namma Auto vehicles will have a big bright yellow board on top so commuters can easily identify them. 

Abdullah says customers will not have to worry about their safety. Namma Auto's office in Teynampet is equipped to track all its autorickshaws on a big screen, with software designed by the company keeping tabs on all vehicles, said Abdullah, who runs an infotech firm with Khan.
Namma Meter

"All the vehicles will be equipped with GPS and GPRS tracking systems," he said. "This will allow us to track the location of all autos and even tell how fast they are moving."

"The meter will have a panic button. If a customer presses the button, the system will alert us immediately," Abdullah said.

The company offers a steady income to auto drivers and the chance to own the vehicles if they serve the company for at least three years.

Namma Auto will give drivers a choice of four salary schemes. They can choose to be paid as much as 

  • Rs.18,000 per month with no share from the fare collected or 
  • Opt for a pay of Rs.4,500 per month plus 30% of the money they collect as fare.

"After 36 months for the lowest salary band and 42 months for the highest, the driver will be given ownership of the autorickshaw," said Abdullah. "We will also pay them for fuel and maintenance."

The Team

Comparison of Fares :

Present fares fixed by govt on 2007: (Source :

Type of Vehicle
Minimum charge
Rs. 14/-
For next every 1 km
Rs. 6/-

Fares proposed by the Auto Drivers :

Type of Vehicle
Minimum charge (upto 2km) 
Rs. 30/-
For next every 1 km
Rs. 15/-

Fares charged by Namma Auto :

Type of Vehicle
Minimum charge(Upto 2km) 
Rs. 25/-
For next every 1 km
Rs. 10/-

It sounds beneficial, but will have to wait and watch how they are managing it in a long run.

Namma Auto is NOT a call auto, it is like just another auto which has a yellow board at its top. The one best thing about this Namma Auto is that, it has got the backing of the regular auto drivers and auto unions. Read the testimonial from Mr.Rajendran - CITU President :
" The new initiative has our support. Every auto driver wants a working meter to make their life better. We will do what we can from our part. Hope the government brings in order to regulate fares "

They are now recruiting the drivers. If you / your friends are interested please get in touch with them.

Waiting to have a ride in Namma Auto and will update this post soon. Mean time have a look at their TV Commercial here.

Website of Namma Auto :

Facebook Page :

Contact : 
2nd Floor, New No.5, Old No.3/1,
Poes Road, 1st Street, 
Chennai- 600018
044 6555 4040

References : Times Of India, Namma Auto FB Page & Website, 


  1. good move deepak ! expecting some change in chennai !

  2. I am yet to see one.Should try it out for at least the pleasure of not having to haggle.

  3. I was in Chennai for 17 years and found not a single auto coming on meter. Pray, this Namma Auto does not face problems from other auto goons.
    Please also read my satire on Bangalore auto services!

  4. Wow... this was some initiative!

    I wish it was there when I was there last year.. no worries now this makes me want to come there just to try it out :)

  5. Thanks Aparna, satmuse....

    @Shri ram sir : Yeah, but i heard that they got the backings of local auto drivers... Also many drivers also want to work for this namma auto...

    @Privy : Thanks yar.. come here soon... :)

  6. The challenge for this service will be the ability to pick up fares in the fiefdoms of the notorious auto stands. Hope they succeed.

  7. Yeah you are right clement. I hope they will !

  8. First, thanks for sharing about this here Deepak. Good read. Waiting to witness this change. When they are going to implement this ?

  9. Thanks Sushmitha ! It has already been implemented on 19th May yar.

  10. A colleague sent me the link and as a person who often takes to Auto, I think this is a very good move! Thanks for bringing this to light.

  11. Yeah Gayathri ! Thanks for visiting my blog. And yeah it is a very good move and keeping my fingers crossed .

  12. It is interesting fare comparison which you have presented here. I think that I should also research on this topic because it is deeply related to the economy.
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  13. great.. but which areas i can find these autos..

  14. Narendran - Presently they are running only 20 autos it seems. You can find it on roads as similar to our usual autos but with a yellow board on top.

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  16. Yes. i have seen couple of autos in Ambattur.. But with no passengers.. Believe many people are not aware of this...

  17. Wow this is cool. I hope this will vanish the current hatred about the auto charges... Thanks for sharing this Deepak.

  18. Thanks Jyothi..

    Sudharsh : Yeah I think so. Let this post make aware atleast few :)

    Nisha : Thanks a ton and yeah hope it will. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  19. I did travel from Spencers to Egmore, it was cheap at Rs.35. Normally we travel paying Rs.50. But I think this will not help long distance if u pay Rs.10 for every km. If u travel from egmore to tambaram it will be Rs.275(250+25) which is very costly. This is my view.

  20. Cool Shyam. Thanks for posting it. Seems its cheaper. And even for a longer distance, it will be cheap when compared to the regular autos :)

  21. We really want to appriciate the Namma Auto Team...Thanks for Namma Auto to brought the Meter in Chennai Auto.

  22. All that begins well, ends the saying. Hope this initiative turns out A great Success!!!

  23. Pl help me to use the service..iam not able to reach any of the numbers..

  24. Pl help me to use the service..iam not able to reach any of the numbers..

  25. Karthick Raman - This NAMMA AUTO is not like a call taxi service. It runs normally like an ordinary auto with NAMMA AUTO Board on top. I heard that they will soon launch call auto kinda thing, but not now.

  26. I am waiting to see how the inevitable dispute will play out (between "normal" auto drivers and these guys) once Namma Autos gains enough purchasing power. For example in Coimbatore - another place with horribly overpriced auto rickshaws - when call taxis started making inroads, it resulted in stone throwing and fist fights near the main railway stations, with the auto drivers not allowing taxis to come near the station.

    I appreciate the efforts of Mr.Khan and Mr.Abdullah but I do hope they have a plan of action when this happens with their company.

  27. Ashwin rightly pointed out. I am sure they can handle :)

  28. I had an experince with a Namma Auto recently. The driver is very polite and extends courtesy.

  29. Thats glad to know Anburamesh Sir !

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