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Friday, 10 May 2013

Statues & Beyond - Veeran Azhagu Muthu Kone Statue - Egmore

Veeran Azhagu Muthu Kone Statue - Egmore
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:: Statues and Beyond - Veeran Azhagu Muthu Kone Statue - Egmore ::

What : Veeran Azhagu Muthu Kone Statue

Where : Gandhi - Irwin Road - Nearer to Egmore Railway Station

Location of Statue. Source :

History behind this statue :

 I am sure almost many of us noticed this statue whenever we go to Egmore railway station. But only few of us knows the person behind this statue.

‘Veeran Azhagu Muthu Kone' , also known as Alagumuthu konar’and Servaikarar (meaning as Head or Sevice provider to public) was a Indian revolutionary and Indian independence activist. He is regarded for having raised one of the first revolts against the British in India

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Kone belonged to a Konar family and was born and brought up in Kattalankulam, a village in erstwhile Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu.

Many historians and school books tells us that the Sepoy Mutiny in 1857 was the first freedom struggle against the British. But the fact is that, Azhagu Muthu Kone led a fight against the British 100 years before the Sepoy Mutiny and it has not got recognized. It needs to be incorporated in the History books since the school levels. Sad to see many people in our country doesn't even know the name of the man who initiated the revolts against British.

It was in 1750s, Azhagu Muthu Kone, the commander in chief of Ettayapuram belonging to Yadhava Community led and initiated the fight against the British. 

In 1756, in a bid to oppress the revolution, the British took over the kingdom and the king and Azhagu Muthu Kone went hiding in the forest.

Due to the betrayal of locals in Pethanayakanur, Azhagu Muthu Kone and his seven close aides were killed in a place called ‘Beerangimedu’ when they tried to fight against the British.

The right hands of 248 persons who were with the leader were cut off.

When : 

In the State Legislature on 29 April 1994, the Government announced to celebrate annually , in Tirunelveli the memory of Veeeran Alagumuthu Kone . It was done for the year 1995. 

Then the government named a Transport Corporation with headquarters at Pudukottai and Government buses were operated with the name “Veeeran Alagumuthu Transport Corporation” on 3 May 1996. On the same day a large bronze statue of Veeran Alagumuthu erected by the government near Madras Egmore Railway station

Source : The Hindu,, wikipedia etc.,


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  2. veeran alagu muthu kone oru maravar : avar konar yenbatharkana sandrai tharavum??

    1. Maravar yenbatharku sandru irukka. Konar yenbatharku avar vaarisugal irukkirralgal

  3. arun prasanna , alagu muthu kone maravar enrra (thavarana) sandru irunthal tharavum.

  4. The flag was rising to yathav

  5. The flag was rising to yathav

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    1. yeah bro not just a king .He is the mighty king of mighty yadavs

  8. fell proud to be a descendant of Azhagu Muthu Kone yadav.
    Deepak Yadav from Haryana
    jai yadav jai madhav