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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Vision - Envision : Naturals Providing Vision to the Lives of Visually Challenged

Vision - Envision : 
Naturals Providing Vision to the Lives of Visually Challenged 

" Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see" - Mark Twain

" What a blind person needs is not a teacher but another self." - Helen Keller

These are the few quotes which I admire most. It is sad to see few people are not giving due respect to the persons with disability. They are equally talented and even more talented than us. Their self-confidence is what we should learn from them.

Really sad to see Few people teasing them by calling "Nondi", "Kurudu", "Sevudu" etc etc., It should be avoided at any cost. We should not tease a person by their disability, we don't know how much it hurts them. I must tell that they are not Physically / Mentally Challenged, rather they are Challenging and Competing with the entire world with their skills & talents. 

I  met a visually challenged person in a bus stop few days back and quite sad that no one bothered him. He keeps asking people to tell him when 12B bus comes. But no one turned ears to what he say. There is nothing wrong in going late by helping these people. I waited and made him sit in the bus and exchanged our numbers, so that I can help him in case of any emergency in future.

I am very glad that I have met him and got to know many things because of him. His name is Mr.Pondi, working in NATURALS BEAUTY SALON (Reflexology Division). 

What is Reflexology ?

Reflexology , the term which sounds new to me and enquired more about it. Pondi replies that,  Reflexology is a therapy which relieves us from tension & stress. By applying the pressure on specific reflex points, Blood circulation improves and it also revitalises the energy. Also he told that it can give positive results to chronic diseases like Harmonal Imbalances, Menopause, Backpain, Headache, Arthritis Etc., 

Naturals Reflexology Division :

He further told that, the Naturals in association with NIVH (National Institute of Visually Handicapped) is providing 5 months free training programme and provides job opportunities for the visually challenged people in this reflexology division. As he says and also as mentioned in their brochure, This Reflexology therapy is most suited for the Visually Challenged people as they can read the feat like Braille and also their touch and feel sense are greater than the normal person.

When was it started ?

This Initiative was launched by Naturals during february 2013 by Daniel Kish (of Thaandavam Fame), President of World Access for the Visually Challenged.  Naturals offers this service at the price range between Rs.100 to 500. 

What they say about Naturals Reflexology :

Ms. K Veena, Founder - Director of Naturals :  Our mission is to not only to groom the personality of inclusive society, but also the livelihood of the differently-abled through our recruitment. Before the end of this year, we hope to create employment opportunities for
about 100 visually-challenged, who can see the world through echolocation and be fitting to provide reflexology related services "
(As told to New Indian Express)

Mr. Ashok Kumar - Naturals Co-Founder ( It was his idea to bring the visually impaired into the mainstream through such employment options ) : " During my trips to countries like Malasiya and China, I witnessed that the profession of reflexology is dominated by people who cannot see. I decided to promote the idea back in our country. The reflexology therapy that already existed here was not as profitable a service as we expected it to be. By employing and training the visually impaired at Naturals would be a win-win situation for both of us" (As told to The Hindu)

Here is the quote by Mr. C. K. Kumaravel, CEO & Co-founder of Naturals, about how the idea of reflexology was born “Years ago, when I was in Cuddalore, I used to observe visually impaired people work alongside with normal people weaving the seats for wire chairs. The power and focus the visually challenged person brought to his job was far greater than that of the person who could see normally. This was what led to the idea of including visually challenged people in our reflexology program. When we initiated the concept of our relexology centre, I thought of bringing in Daniel Kitsch. Trainers whom we have roped in from Malaysia have covered most of the technical aspects. But we have also indentified that the social aspect such as how the reflexologists walk, talk and communicate is important and Kitsch will have a great role to play here.” (As told to Deccan Chronicle)

To fix an appointment : 

You can fix an appointment by calling any of the Naturals in your neighbourhood.  Check with them if they provide reflexology therapy. Alternatively, you can call 044 - 4967 2121 / 90926 26262.

Conclusion :

The people with disabilities needs to be given due attention and we should never make them feel helpless. A small deed can bring a smile on their face. All they expect from us is a simple respect and care as we give for other ordinary human. They need inclusion and not our sympathy. I Appreciate NATURALS for this wonderful initiative. Lets join together to make a better tomorrow ! 

Source : The Hindu, New Indian Express.


  1. good info deepak ! :) kudos to Naturals !!!! any help please let me know ! i want to help them!

  2. Informative post :) Good to know that they get such opportunities :)

  3. Thanks Aparna & Sushmitha. And yeah sure will contact you. Good to have people like you who are ready to help. THanks...

  4. Hi Deepak, thanks for carrying the article in your esteemed blog page. Plz let us know if we can be of use to your online activity to put light on such noble cause. Naturals will be happy to partner with Namma Area! You can reach me at 9025633381. Mani

  5. Thanks a lot sir. Will surely get in touch with you soon.

  6. Thanks to Ms.Sumangali of Naturals for her appreciation mail and added the quote by Mr.C.K Kumaravel in the post.

  7. very informative article with a message.

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