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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Chennai MTC Bus Routes

:: Chennai MTC Bus Routes ::

How long have you waited for bus without knowing the exact bus number and route ?  How many times have thought like "Why don't we have a handy booklet for MTC buses which can serve as ready reckoner while we travel ?" . Thanks to the query raised by Saritha mam in "Find A Chennai Trusted Service" group in facebook which has ignited me write this post. 

I just gone through various sites and collected the data and sorted it out based on the bus depots, so that it can be easy for the readers to search. Also , As Saritha mam pointed out, there should be some Non-App based compilation is needed so that people can easily find it and make use of it. 

It took almost a month for me to compile these data. I want to post it as a complete text, but since the data was huge and crosses maximum limit of 1,000 words, I couldn't post it here as complete text. I have embedded the PDF version of the same below and I am sure, it will open in almost all the browsers. You can use find (Ctrl + f) options too to know about particular depot or bus number. You can download the PDF file by clicking here. 

And as suggested by Saritha mam in her post, It would be great if these routes can be published as Handy Booklet. I am thinking on those line and will come up with an idea for the same very soon. I must thank Sridhar Venkatraman sir for his patience in clarifying my doubts while compiling the data.  Kindly have a look at it and let me know the feedback.  

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Conclusion : 

The routes updated above were based on the data which I found online and if any of you find any mistakes or needs any addition of routes, feel free to let me know by writing a mail to Also mail me if any of you need the excel version of the same. Thanks for reading this post. 

If you want to know about the MTC Bus fares & Bus Pass Fares, Click Here

Meet you all in my next post.

With Cheers,
Deepak Raghuraman.


  1. Informative post :) It will be useful for many :)

  2. Thanks a ton for sharing. Absolutely informative :)

  3. Thanks Sahana ka.... Your comments motivates me. Keep visiting my blog and encourage me...

  4. A need of the hour stuff, I salute you for the urge to have put together the data, I bet it comes handy for people who commute by bus. Thanks and I appreciate it greatly. Keep going dear!

  5. please mail me this informative data in excel format to my mail id

    Ramadoss S

  6. You are doing a great job .. Please continue

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