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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Chennai Tenants Information Form - Procedures & Deadline

Chennai Tenants Information Form 
Procedures & Deadline

In a move to create a database of tenants in Chennai, the Chennai Police has issued an order that every landlord in Chennai should submit the details of their tenants in the specified form to the police station of their jurisdiction. It can be submitted by person or through courier / post. 

The Chennai police commissioner has issued an order on 5th December 2013 in this regard. The main purpose of this order is to have a control over the anti-social and undesirable elements which occupies various residential premises in the City. It has also mentioned in the order that, all landlords / house owners / lessors under the jurisdiction of Greater Chennai shall furnish full particulars of their tenants in the prescribed form to the
Police Station in their jurisdiction. 

The order has been passed on 5th December 2013 and came into immediate effect. As enunciated in the order, It is mandatory for all the landlords / house owners / lessors of greater Chennai to submit these details in the prescribed form (The link for form has been given below) within 60 days from the date of passing the order. That is, we should submit the form on or before 3rd February 2014

Those landlords who lives at the other city / country than where their property is being let out can send the form by post / courier. The links to download the application forms are given below : 

1. Tenant Verification / Information Form in English - Click Here
2. Tenant Verification / Information Form in Tamil - Click Here 

For those who login by mobile and want to know the details needs to be furnished in this form : 

Details of Landlord : 
1. Name of the Landlord
2. Occupation Details
3. Residence Details 

Details of Tenant : 
1. Name
2. Father's Name
3. Mobile No
4. Present Address
5. Previous residential address
6. ID Proof Details (Passport / Driving License / Arms License / Ration Card / Voters ID / PAN card)
7. Date of occupation of the premises (Date from which the tenant occupies the house for rent)
8. Photograph of the Tenant

Signature of the Landlord

It may be noted that a seperate form needs to be filled & submitted for every tenant individually.

For those landlords who rent the property after 3rd Feb'13 (ie. after 60 days from passing the order) should submit this form within 15 days from the date in which the rental agreement is processed. Those who fail to submit the forms within the stipulated time will face legal action. 

In Crisp : 

What : Submission of Tenant Verification / Information Form 
Should be submitted by : Landlord (Details to be furnished by the Tenant)
To Whom : Police station of their jurisdiction
Mode : By person or through post / courier
Deadline : within 60 days from the date of passing the order (ie. on or before 3rd Feb'14)

To find the Police Station in your jurisdiction, Click Here

Conclusion :

The details to be furnished are simple and It would be better if we can submit the forms at the earliest. Even though there are some confusions and debates over this forms, it is better and safer to fill this form and submit. Request you all to share and spread the word about this to your neighbours as well. 

Disclaimer : 

The informations provided above were based on the details found through TN Police Website and you can have a look at the order issued by the commissioner in this regard by clicking here.

Thanks for reading, meet you all in my next post.

With Cheers,
Deepak Raghuraman


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