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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Up Above the Lights So High !!! - A Visit to Light House, Chennai

Up Above the Lights So High !!! 
A Visit to Light House, Chennai

It's 2:30 in the evening and my mobile started ringing to confirm about the meet-up planned at light house. Since it started raining, people doubted whether the plan is on. Thanks god that there is no change in the plan and not much rain too. 

We the Gang - Snap by Prasanna
It was a plan to visit the Light House at Marina Beach by few members of Chennai Bloggers Club. The date and time were fixed in advance so that there won't be any confusion and it was on 1st December, the Sunday @ 3 PM. Guruprasad Rao was the first one to reach and as usual I went there by a 15 minutes delay. One became two, two became three and finally we had 10 people joined together to have the Bird's eye view from the top of the light house. The gang consists of Me, Guruprasad Rao, Sunder Rajan, Subramaniam Thirunavukkarasu, Kaushik, Bragadheesh Prasanna, Shashi sir, Uma Shree mam with her Husband & Daughter. 

The "Q" - Snap by Guruprasad
It was a breezy evening and It all started with a Chukku kaapi ! Who says no to the Chukku Kaapi, that too on this wonderful climate. Then joined the long Que to have the Bird's eye view . The que was too long that it started from light house till Kamarajar statue. Doesn't matter, We started the photo session in the meantime while we are there in the que. Had some fun chats, discussions, samosas, kadalais etc., during the 20 minutes time which we spent on the que. 

Then enters the destination - The Light House. We must appreciate the efforts of the guards who works doubly hard to manage the crowd. The Light house is kept open for public between 10am and 1pm and 3pm to 5 pm. 

The Destination - Light House
Snap by Kaushik 

Ticket : 

Rs.10 per head for adult 
Rs.5 per head for children, 
Rs.25 for Camera,
Trianglar Stairs - My Snap
Rs.5 for museum.

The light house has 10 floors and we are given the option to use lift or stairs. Wiser to use stairs not just because it burns calories but because of the que which was there for using the lift. And we chose to go by stairs. It was beautifully constructed and the stairs gives a triangular view. Each and every floor has an emergency exit and are under the CCTV surveillance.  Those who come by lift can come till 9th floor and should use the stairs to reach the 10th floor. 
Bird's Eye View - My Click

Here comes the destination - the bird's eye view from the top of the light house. The breeze, the view, the nature makes us to stay there for a longer time. But we were not allowed to view beyond 10 minutes because of the crowd. Time for us to get down. Had even more discussions about the further meet up and the place has been finalised. Umashree mam has left for the day.

We at Beach

The climate was too good as it started drizzling and we the remaining bloggers have decided to go to the sea shore. Cool Breeze, Drizzle and a sea shore - What else is needed !!! Spent some time over there and glad to know more about Shashi sir and his book. He has asked us to contribute to his book "Blogging by Bloggers" and I would like to be a part of it , if time permits. I always love the rain, who won't ! Hence decided to reach home by walking in the rain with umbrella in hand. It took almost half an hour for me to reach home but I loved walking in the beach road during the rain.

Overall , it was a great evening spent with the Chennai Bloggers !! Hope to have such meet up often.

Group Snap by Prasanna

With Cheers,

Deepak Raghuraman


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